On World Down Syndrome Day

I always give special attention to kids or people born with Down Syndrome and this is something I have to thank my school for.

My school had an agreement with another one for kids with special abilities. Some kids were born with Down Syndrome and others with autism. These kids would spend time in our school socializing with teachers and students.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I got to share my classroom with Gonzalo who is DS. Always with supervision, he would come to any of our classes and spend time with us while he was focusing on his notebook and activities. Then, during recess you would see them, all together with their tutors or playing around.

The kids didn’t come everyday, just once or twice a week for a few hours but the consistency made the difference for them to learn and develop.

Gonzalo got along so well with us that once I ran into him on the supermarket with his group and tutors. He immediately recognized me and gave me the biggest smile, he even asked me how was I and what was I doing there. That little and simple moment gave me so much joy that I still carry it with me.

Programs like this are meant for mutual learning and understanding of one another and I hope people realizes how important is Social Inclusion for people with disabilities beginning from school.

**Photo taken from Wikipedia

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