International Women’s Day

After weeks without posting, I decided to take on the International Women’s Day along with my favorite place on earth, Cusco.

After spending a few days in Cusco two months ago I kept thinking about the women in this city. Sometimes overlooked but with one thing in common, they are helping keep our traditions alive.

I meet a woman who was selling handmade camera straps with unique andean designs. She told us (I traveled with my mom) that her mother had taught her to knit them, always explaining the process in quechua as she never learned spanish.

Apart from showing you her work, she might teach a few words in quechua. You can find her walking around Cusco Plaza.


I love my camera strap. The design is about medicinal plants. Photo by Laura Vizcarra

These techniques are passed through generations and are not used for camera straps only as seen in this picture taken at Chincheros in 2013.


The day before going back to Lima, my mom and I were able to enjoy a parade in Cusco Plaza. People were celebrating an anniversary with such joy it was contagious.

How happy I was to be able to witness my fellow peruvians celebrate their traditions wearing our typical costumes and dancing, sharing their culture with travelers from around the world.





With the world changing so fast, I hope these women keep passing on the techniques and knowledge they have gained through generations.

Our job now is to find a way to develop them further for sustainable growth and bring the families in Cusco and other cities out of poverty.


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