Dogs are family too

Back in 1991, when I was 3 years old, my family and I were living in Talara. During our time in this northern Peruvian city, a family friend gave us a puppy to adopt.

The little one was mixed breed (something between a cocker and a dachshund) and my dad named him Turbo.

Look at that chubby belly!


After being with us for 14 years, Turbo crossed the rainbow bridge in 2006, the same day my grandfather had passed years earlier.

Many months after Turbo’s passing, my parents found a lost golden retriever and they brought him home while looking for his owners. After trying with many names, this senior dog responded to the name Lucas.


Lucas spend at least a week with us but it was enough time to fell in love with him because he was so well-behaved, friendly and adorable. Lucas was also quiet, so much that is was impossible to even play with him because he would never bring the ball back or go after it in the first place.

Sadly for us, his owners heard about us having Lucas Loki (as it turns out that was his real name) and picked him up the next day leaving us a bit empty as were used to having dogs at home.

It was then we realized we needed a new family member and Axl came along (both my brothers and I are Guns n Roses fans – me just a little – so that is where the name comes from. Hopefully Axl Rose won’t take it personal!).

Imagen 131
First days at home
Papá - Circular
After his first bath

When we brought Axl home he was just 2 months old, with an energy that made him destroy everything in the house. He chew all the kitchen chairs and the table made of wood and the garden was left looking like a desert – no plants! He ate them all.

My parents paid a dog trainer basically for nothing because Axl’s training never really worked. He just sits or barks whenever there is food around, he also loves time outside playing with his toys in the park otherwise you may find him sleeping as now Axl is 10 years old.

Our love for dogs ended up in a new adoption.

My older brother found Archie and rescued him from cruelty in 2010.

Archie in 2017

After a rough start at home, this pup eventually settled although there are still a few things such as Archie still barks at everything including air, he only lets you pet him for a little while and then starts growling but more important he can’t sleep in full darkness, he needs a night lamp to sleep calm. We think this may be related to the abuse he endured in the past.

Even with everything, these 2 are living the good life in a forever home.

Best buds

Tell me, do you have dogs at home or any other pet? If you do, please let me know through your comments.

Looking forward to hear from you!

P.S: You’ll have to excuse my pictures as some of them are really old

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