Missing home flavors

I don’t know if its just me or Peruvians everywhere have the same problem: When we leave home, we really miss our food.

Last year I got to live 3 months in Dubai while working on a project and basically spend the first days between Burger King and chicken tenders.

My exploring and adventurous side is mostly for seeing new places and meeting new people but never for trying new food.

My “happiest” time in the UAE was when my friends and I decided to have dinner at Ceviche, a Peruvian restaurant, to celebrate our Independence Day.

Honestly, who can resist ceviche, lomo saltado, any peruvian dessert or even our precious Inca Kola.



Even one of the guys I met said to me: Who comes to the Middle East and eats Peruvian food? … ME!! I DO!!

The so-called “Gastronomic Boom” in my country has added to that because the current generation of chefs are creating new flavors while keeping the traditional ones.

So what did I eat those 3 months in Dubai?

Well, you might be surprised that I changed for the better……. Ok, I didn’t have a choice! But you have to change after you friends notice that you only eat fast food and start making jokes about it (in a good way of course).

At the end I gotta thank them for it, I was able to try new food and I liked it.



I tried camel meat and lentil soup on the Safari we took, chicken shawarma, hummus, kebab and many more dishes in cool restaurants, including one from the Philippines where food is served on the table and you eat with your hands! Don’t worry, gloves are available 😉

I will write about the restaurants in Dubai later on.

I hope you are enjoying a good meal today.

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